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The Setting

Perhaps best known for the captivating beauty of its beaches, the Philippines features more fascinating discoveries that make this country truly worth exploring.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,641 islands1 sitting in the pleasantly warm waters of South-East Asia, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Basking in a tropical marine climate2, it is the perfect country for beach lovers of every kind. Whether it be for scuba diving, surfing, partying, camping, or simply escaping into blissful seclusion, there is a beach for just about anything. This abundance of seaside getaways did not escape worldwide attention. In 2017, two Philippine islands landed top spots on Travel + Leisure’s Top 10 Islands list3. Boracay’s party culture placed it third on the list while Palawan’s stunning natural beauty earned it first place. Long story short, when it comes to beaches, the Philippines is queen.

However, this tropical paradise is more than just the sun, the sea, and the sand. The richness of its culture hides in the metropolitan nature of its cuisine, the hidden masterpieces of its indigenous and colonial architecture, and the colorful traditions of its people. Its lands bear mute witness to some of history’s defining moments, including a number of the Second World War’s most epic battles. Its waters and mountains provide unique habitats for equally remarkable flora and fauna, such as the mighty Philippine Eagle, the world’s largest species of eagle. For the avid shopper, the Philippines is home to some of the world’s largest malls. In this country, the discoveries are as endless as the sea itself.

Begin your journey

What will you discover today? In the Philippines, amazing finds fill every corner, hiding in plain sight. So hit the road— you’ll be surprised at what you might stumble upon.


Feast on flavors from the world over. A delightful confluence of Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and American cookery, Filipino cuisine finds identity in its diversity. Go ahead, have a bite.


Raw, intense, and spontaneous. The spirit of the Filipino nation will not just touch you, it will move you and take you on an immersive journey through the islands. Hala bira!


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“When these people had come into this island towards us, immediately the principal one among

them went towards the Captain-General with demonstrations of being very joyous at our arrival.”

Antonio Pigafetta